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One important thing to understand is the role of Deutsche Telekom in setting up your internet in Germany. Deutsche Telekom was once owning the monopoly of the phone network, and in consequence of the infrastructure. The company is still responsible today for keeping most of the network up to date. However, more and more of the network is managed by other telecommunication companies. The router provided with any internet connection is also very good quality. I have heard a few complaints from acquaintances that it may not be the best customer service but you can get a good bundled deal if you are an o2 customer o2 bought Alice out.

Cheap options come with long term contract terms. It is often considered providing the best service quality and the best customer service. It is also a bit more costly to get internet in Germany through them. Its network is however not as extensive as the other service providers. Generally expect a 2 weeks delay until the line is up and running. There is a little trick though; usually the cancellation notice time is 3 months, so make sure to let your German internet provider know in good enough time. Tip 1 : You might want to have a look at Preisvergleich. This website allows you to get the cheapest plan for your needs.

They do offer competitive packages but be aware that you might not move your line in the case you are moving to another region or similar case. Tip 3 : You can use the very handy Youth HotSpot app that lists all the places where there is free Wifi until you set up your own internet connection in Germany. Quite practical to start searching for flat or WGs. Will an adapter work? Did anyone had a previous experience? In that case, what to do? Thanks a lot for your answer. Best, Paul. Sorry to hear about that. You need to ask them how much it would cost to have a line setup again.

But of course, if you can do through cable, then you may want to go with Kabel Deutschland or a provider like that.

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A colleague moved onto the same street and had an activation date before me even if he ordered 3 weeks after me. A German friend called their customers service twice and they still cannot estimate a date for that and the reason for such long wait. In fact, services suck in this country and the internet network is just another common issue everyone faces. Germans are car manufacturers… they know Mechanical stuff so good …but in everything else, they are very bad at it including customer service… they are so bad at it, that most Mercedes Benzes are actually advertised and sold by other European countries for them..

Hey Henry.


Hi, Awesome website, very very useful. I checked your article about opening a bank account and found that N26 would be the more convinient bank, but they only provide a Mastercard, not EC-Karte. Any idea if a N26 bank account with Mastercard would allow me to get internet with Vodaphone? Or any other provider? Hi there, Does one need a german bank account to get a dsl connection?

Application Service Provider

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Hi Adi. Yes you would need a local bank account. I have written a post about that too here. Hi Juli. Sorry; this you need to solve with your provider directly. Only you can do that. Good luck. I am aware this question sounds extremely stupid, but I followed all the instructions both online and with the router, my building has the infrastructure specifically by vodafone, so somehow I thought this would be rather straightforward and the instructions themselves did not mention that a technician would be necessary.

Thanks a lot for the help! Hi Ana. Yes, i was referring to the delay it takes for a technician to come open the line. Not after that. You might need to call a hotline. Hello, I just moved into my apartment in Munich and am looking for wifi just for my apartment. I only need the service for two months as I will be going home to the US after these two months.

I am looking to have the wifi available asap for work and communication with family. Is there a service offered that is non-mobile, and relatively unlimited in use that I can have within my apartment for only two months? Thank you for your help. Will a laptop consume faster the data then a regular cellphone?

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Can I delete the Datenautomatik trap? Can an onlike banking N26 do the job for a contract montly or 24 months — NB: banking sucks in Germany- can hardly get a MasterCard or Visa…all they do is PayPal or who knows what other cards like VPay?? Another satisfied Telekom customer! They have blown off three appointments and the customer service is completely useless. All they are willing to do is schedule another appointment for a later day without any apology for waisting your time.

The best cellular data plan is from Aldi Talk. You purchase the sim for 12 euro, which has 10 euro of credit already preloaded. You can use that 10 euro for two gigabits of data, then 5 gb is 15 euro per 30 days. My daughter has a Mac and is in Berlin for a couple of months. She bought a vodaphone r dongle which she thought would give her enough data for the whole period.

Your advice would be very welcome — neither of us really understand what she has or what she needs!! Hello Mary.

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This amount is very little for a normal consumption. After a day or two of playing Youtube videos, the speed will then probably be throttled. Mary — Before moving to Germany for good we visited here many times and ran into this problem every time except for the first. We had rented a HotSpot with German SIM card from Cellular Abroad, promising unlimited internet, with speed cutting back only after a massive amount of data used.

This massive amount lasted also only a day and after that we could not get online, it was so slow. We think that it was all the background stuff on the phone that accesses the internet constantly: Weather, news, GPS, automatically checking email etc, etc. Turning that off might help and essentially use the phone only for the most basic of things. But this is only an assumption….

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Another suggestion which might not be relevant to you but might help others: I had a smartphone contract in the U. About 3 or so years ago they changed their terms and conditions to where I could travel to Germany with my U. In cases of doubt or if you have any questions or problems, please contact the relevant authorities directly. Not all German texts have been translated. Mixed texts may arise. Note: This translation may deviate from the German version in terms of content and remains to be checked. Only the German version shall be decisive.

Welcome Leistung.

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License for financial services providers according to the German Banking Act. License for financial services providers according to the German Banking Act You are regarded as a financial service provider if you provide financial services for others commercially or on a scale which requires a commercially organised business undertaking and your company is not a credit institution. Before making an application, please check which license is required for your business. Show more Show less Highlight differences. Ort angeben. Warum soll ich einen Ort angeben?

Welchen Ort soll ich angeben? Service details Prerequisite You have to have the required funds in Germany, in particular sufficient initial capital.

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Depending on the planned activity, different amounts are necessary. They are normally between 50, and , Euros. You have to be professionally suitable and also personally reliable. You have to present a business plan which describes the following: type of the planned business organisational structure internal control mechanisms Your company has to have at least two managing directors.

Your company has to have its headquarters in Germany.