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Email optional. Website optional. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If politicians want to engage with Australians in a meaningful conversation, they need to focus on solutions to the big issues. Australians can engage with The Perfect Candidate via www.

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La Trobe University in conjunction with Australian Futures Project has developed a dashboard that allows you to interact with additional Roy Morgan data and see how these concerns vary by demographic, location, and other segments. Access the dashboard and instructions on how to use and source it can be found here. Media contacts: Justine Sywak or Molly Bruce at. However, most Au These profiles contains data that can help you understand your audience in terms of demographics, their attitudes to various important issues, how they spend their leisure time and what media they use and far more.

Australian Futures Project launches ‘The Perfect Candidate’ using Roy Morgan ‘Issues’ data

Roy Morgan is the largest independent Australian research company, with offices throughout Australia, as well as in Indonesia, the United States and the United Kingdom. Gilda : If there's a blonde girl or a brunette or — and normally, tall with all the perfect, — is it? Gilda : Yes. That's really important.

The Perfect Candidate by Peter Stone

Also the hair, the eyes, the teeth, everything. Yeah, so they think about many, many things. Aimee : So it's all based on physical appearance.

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  7. Gilda : So they train them in terms of how to express themselves using proper language. Gilda : And yeah, and also beauty; how to make-up, how to fix their hair or something like…. Aimee : Wow.

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    4. What about — I don't know much about beauty pageants, so but I've heard or I've noticed that you have to have a skill as well, don't you? An extra, a special skill like what's your, what are you going to present to the judges as your additional skill. Is that the case?

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      Gilda : So in Venezuela, they are not introduced like, they don't introduce to the audience a skill. Gilda : They just go there and do the swimsuit competition and the evening gown.

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      Gilda : Well, they have many kind of questions but sometimes the questions are really difficult. Gilda : But normally, it's about life, about world peace, about helping others, philanthropic activities. Yeah, that kind….

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      Gilda : Like once, a girl was asked what's the difference between forgive and asking for permission.