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This is a question hundreds have been asking since it was built more than one hundred years ago.

Ghost From The 1800's Tells Nick To 'Get Out!' - Paranormal Lockdown

Click here to refresh the feed. Maybe it's just the circle of people I grew up around. Maybe its just the physical location and everyone having common paranormal experiences.

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Whatever it is, talk of "ghosts" around Wisconsin is a common thing. It's not as taboo a topic as it feels in other areas of the country. As a child, I would regularly check out books from the local library about haunted Wisconsin and would ask teachers, friends or anyone who would listen about their ghostly experiences. Haunted Kentucky State PenitentiaryOftentimes the institutions or former prisons that we discuss on The Grave Talks are long forgotten relics that no longer house the living. The Kentucky State Penitentiary breaks this mold. Today, the behemoth is known as the castle on the Cumberland still houses hundreds of inmates and staff working to keep the worst of society behind its walls.

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Quite a feat for a structure completed in and still running today. The Haunted Kentucky State Penitentiary is still home to Kentucky's death row inmates and houses the execution facility. Visit megaphone. Some legends claim that the property holds a portal to the other side. Some say the side it points to is down, meaning hell. Almost a gateway of sorts to the underworld. Rumors fly abound that the ghost of a man found dead in a field mere miles from the front door haunt Bobby Mackey's Music World.

They claim that the murder took place at the hands of Satanists who cured the location and everyone involved in prosecuting their murder case. Further stories of darkness include that of a pregnant dancer named Johanna.

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It is rumored that she committed suicide in the s after her father murdered her lover and father to her unborn child in the dressing room of Bobby Mackey's Music World. In the 's, the town of Garnett Kansas was a crossroads of a new world. Settlers, cowboys, criminals and the righteous all passed through this now forgotten town. One of the most disturbing elements of these screams is that they appear to come from a child. Who this child is, and what this child need remains to be known.

However, these screams are far from a one-time occurrence. Sometimes a building just speaks to you. Draws you close to it, for some reason drives you through its doors and keeps you there. Haunted Ashmore Estates is one of those places. The property in Ashmore, IL has been standing since and has seen countless souls pass through its doors. Their slogan "some call it home" speaks to a select group who at one time during their lives, did, in fact, call it home. It seems that even in death, many of these same individuals still feel this way.

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Haunted Old Charleston JailThese days if a building is still standing past the age of 30, it almost inevitably has a ghost story attached to it. If a building has been standing for nearly years, it likely holds hundreds of ghost stories. Add to that the fact that it was built on a burial ground and imprisoned those deserving and not through one of the darkest periods of American history. You then have a structure almost glowing with the paranormal. That building is the Haunted Old Charleston Jail. Located just outside the glitz and excess of the Las Vegas strip sits a plot of land that takes visitors to another time and place.

That land is known as the Haunted Bonnie Springs Ranch. The ranch has much more to offer than just ghosts or spirits from another time.

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However, the undead who still reside on the ranch will be the focus of this episode of The Grave Talks. How haunted are these items? That very much depends on what it is we are talking about and what the haunted antique was used for. When one owns a haunted antique, does the former owner come with it? Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. According to author Duane Scott Cerny who we talked to about this topic, it seems haunted antiques are more a vehicle for repeated energy than they are for a conscious energy or soul. The island is home to several decommissioned US war vessels from a bygone era.

Many of which now spend their days baking away in the hot California Sun slowly rising and falling in a sea of salt water. Not exactly the perfect environment for preservation. Nonetheless, the Haunted USS Hornet resides in these Waters, as does a live crew that works tirelessly to tell the story of an American legend and the crew who sailed her.

That same crew, who to this day, although deceased may still be on board the haunted ship if the stories are real. She has decided to celebrate Halloween with Vlad in his old manor When you have to face two creatures found of paranormal phenomena, you wonder how the Halloween part is gonna end. Finish this quest before Wednesday October 30th at noon French time and win tons of halloweenish gifts! I hope this adventure will inspire you for your Halloween costumes! The more you progress in the story, the more prerequisites you need, but the gifts get better and better!

At each stage of the quest, you have to answer a mini enigma. Try and answer correctly to all the questions and collect all the pumpkins : the perfect element for a terrific Halloween decor! At the end of the quest, you will have to make a choice, yet if you want to play both endings, you can for Fee'z.

Check the different colors variants for the prerequisite items in store Halloween : That store will be open until Sunday November 20th at PM , French time , take advantage of it to get the items you want! What's more, all the prerequisite for this quest will be permanently available at the Halloween store: Everyone is shivering on OhMyDollz! On one mini enigma the question isnt showing. Only the answers Olives, Garlic, Parsley are showing. What is the question? Btw i love this quest, anything halloween is good. I am not sure what the question is but the answer is Garlic.

It's pretty cool but I'm sorta disappointed maybe cause I was expecting too much but I do like it. I fell in love with the shelf and the black forest.

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I went with getting the crypt but if I can I'm going to do both endings. An apparition, a vision or an illusion The specter of a lady all dressed in white 3. A haunted manor 4. Scream 5. I do like the gifts, lots of ghouly and classy Halloween-y things! Also on Bearrydane, I missed one of the questions so I didn't end up with all of the pumpkins the reason I always do a quest on an alt so not sure if I get the secret items. The question is "What do vampires hate the most?

We have just corrected it. Thanks for reporting girls! O Mod edit: ya missed putting the r in shirt, lol.. I'm so in love with the Black Forest room! It's perfect!